Hey, how likable are you?

Posted by Ventures Online on Fri Oct 09 2020
It goes without saying that the process of building your business and the journey of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one. We often lose touch of how important people are at every step of the journey. No, I am not referring to the friends, family, and fools that you will need to be your first users. I mean everyone else. From choosing your co-founders and team to looking for investors to invest in your vision.

The bottom line is that people do business with people they like.

Do not get me wrong, yes, your pitch deck and your pitching skills are important and so is your ability to be a leader. But, the things that make your business successful are often the things that have to do with people. Think about it: your team and its competency, improving sales, traction, and even getting an investment. All of these elements rely heavily on your ability to build and maintain relationships. They rely on how likable you are!

Here are some tips to help you connect better with people:

1. Connect fully with others by showing them your authentic self.

2. Show a genuine interest in their lives.

3. Be a good listener.