Mentorship During Your Journey.

Posted by Ventures Online on Fri Oct 09 2020
One of the most powerful tools to carry in your entrepreneurial arsenal is mentorship. Both as a mentee and as a mentor.

The greatest leaders have attested to having had a mentor from the very beginning of their journey and throughout. Their mentors acted as guides to help them navigate their industry while helping them avoid making mistakes their mentors made. It is advisable to pick a mentor with a well of experience in the industry that your venture operates in as they would be aware of the different challenges you may face as you grow. They will probably have a great network in the space and as your relationship grows, they may introduce this network to you.

A few notable people who have become successful and their mentors:

- Steve Jobs was mentored by Bill Campbell

- Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs

- Bill Gates was mentored by Warren Buffet

- Kanye West was mentored by Jay Z

Not only does the mentor-mentee relationship benefit the mentee, but it also benefits the mentor. For example, Jay Z and Kanye West have collaborated on numerous №1 hit singles and an album that has been instrumental for Jay Z in the latter years of his career. Therefore, one is encouraged to mentor others as one grows. You will learn a great deal as you mentor someone else. It is also possible that you will collaborate or partner with your mentee down the journey.