Support you can lean on.

Posted by Ventures Online on Fri Oct 09 2020
We often celebrate great entrepreneurs who have pushed boundaries and changed the world forever. These people have become beacons of hope for many entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of their journeys. In the moments in which we celebrate these people, we often forget the trials that they went through to achieve all the success we see today.

When asked about these challenges, they will tell you about similar struggles they had to get through to get to where they are today. They will then offer different advice on how to get through these challenges. One thing that often remains constant in all these narratives, is the importance of a solid support structure.

These support structures have helped many entrepreneurs through the best and worst times during their entrepreneurial journeys. A support structure would be the people in your life who, amongst other things, offer advice, are a sounding board when you need someone to talk to, or help keep you stay sane as you build your venture. You need to be intentional about creating a healthy support structure that works for you. Here are some places where a healthy support structure can be found:

- Friends

- Family

- Entrepreneurship societies

- Online community forums

- Advisors/mentors

Your support structure can bring the best out of you. The people you let into your support structure should be people you are open to share with and let into your life on a deeper level so they understand fully, at all times, what is going on for them to offer advice that can supercharge your performance.