Posted by Ventures Online on Fri Oct 09 2020
1. Confidence: Regardless of the audience, above all else you need to exude confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself and what you do, why should anyone else?

2. Product Knowledge: The best salesmen know the products they sell in, out and all the way around. You need to become an expert at what your business does. This allows you to not only be able to effectively highlight your strengths but also improve your weaknesses and successfully downplay them when necessary.

3. Story Telling: Product Knowledge alone is not enough of course. A great salesman knows how to present their product in a way that centres their audience. A list of amazing features is great, but why should the customer buy your product? How is what you do going to make their lives easier, happier, better? The story you tell about your product needs to be rooted in the customer and the how their existence will be improved by choosing you.

4. Effective listening Skills: In Stephen Covey’s , The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he stresses the importance of becoming empathetic listeners in order to build successful, healthy relationships. The ability to listen attentively to your customers is of extreme importance both as you are developing your business and product but also in the process of rapport building. Great listeners make those around them feel heard and cared for, and when making a sale it makes the customer feel that the product is being presented to them not just to make a quick buck but because it truly is what is good for them.

5. Likability: Most people are far more likely to trust people they like, and thus far more likely to invest in or buy from said people. Likability is a skill that can be learnt and if you hope to become a great salesman it is important that you do the work to build this skill.

Regardless of whether you work in sales, are an entrepreneur or just a person going in for a job interview, these are skills you should carry through various aspects of your life because everything is sales.